Price and Volume (PVT) Indicator

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stock is an important measure the evolution of prices and volumes. Although each indicator to tell someone, much more information, taking into account the oldugunu used.

Ands of very important value of the initial price and the resulting price and volume tendencies (PVT) is calculated as an indicator takes into account a tendency header. This is a technical indicator for the share of health based daily price degisimine volume will be calculated Ƨogalarak previous PVT represents an added value. This is then an indication of the balance between supply and demand is the inventory.

Although other indicators Balance Volume PVT numerous as true as possible to determine average (obv) indicator, as days are available on a header. To predict future price movements, and usually an important factor for good stock selection trading used.

PVT is calculated as, when their prices fall a positive increase oldugu changes, including the means, if the price reductions. High exchange rates, more data units in PVT.

If the PVT more money means artmaktadir oldugu stock. More SWAP years, demand for the stock are concerned. PVT high and rising faster initial volume grows, per share price, great popularity is an indication of a specific header.

If you tend come early, you will need a good sans taste. However, if a period of PVT assembly made this tend, where would be interesting for you to take the reverse may not be possible.

If an overall tendency to increase under PVT price reduction, there's probably a good rise, perhaps with a higher rate continues.

If PVT down or remain constant, this means that cash flows that market. In this case, if price is an indication artislari oldugu usually value of the stock in May at high or low and reverse this trend ulasti. If prices tend to reverse a fall egilimine an increase egilimine, it has a sign of the shares on the stock market for sale. If PVT better if the stock shows lower oldugunu a stock take satim scholars, this stock will be an ideal time to Buy.

If PVT decreases, a sans below to share buy shares short, a good time to sell. Because of this, or just need to continue sharing time with attention may increase.

When the indicator of development and volume prices and investment in, c 'to sell only one Do not forget to purchase stoklari want to help the skilful decision to give a perfect fit for an overall strategy for the fate araƧtir this hearing kullanilabilecek many technical indicators. Read PVT to make the best tradition of great value stocks.


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